A Trip to Remember, A Place to Forget

by Matthew James Gibson

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The first album from Matthew James Gibson, recorded in the summer of 2017. For more information and alternative streaming/purchasing options visit www.mjgibson.ca


released August 30, 2017

Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics/Composition: Matt Gibson
Drums: Burke Cameron (all but Fall) and Jeff Pak
Bass: Brent Webb
Piano: Jaimi Wainright
Electric Guitar/Mandolin: Steve Luxton
Violin: Christina Rankin

Recorded at Howl Studio in Oakville, ON

Engineering: Jeff Pak and Dave Falco
Mixing: Jeff Pak
Mastering: Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering

Photography: Jaimi Wainright
Album Art: Matt Gibson and Jaimi Wainright


all rights reserved



Matthew James Gibson Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Waiting
of sunset
clouds in the evening
fragments of memories
near and distant
close connections
deepened and strengthened

here we stand
hanging in the balance
of tough decisions
uncertain answers

take my hand i am ready

here in the sunrise
i fall down slowly

feel you come back to me
Track Name: Fall
Patient for new beginnings
I would hope, for this day to come
Scared of this new feeling
I don’t know how I should react

In it comes, like the tide I can’t control it
These waves, they hit so hard
They keep pounding at my door, and I’m losing balance now
As soon as, I fall, I fall
As soon as I fall, I fall so hard

Feels like it has been years now,
Maybe we, met in a past life
Wake up, eyes meet your smile
I am whole with your presence near

In it comes, couldn’t stop it if I tried, nor do I want to know now
These waves, of love
Keep pounding at my door, I’m losing balance now
And as soon as, I fall
As soon as I fall
Yeah as soon as I fall,
I will, Fall
I will, Fall
Track Name: There Is More
Listen for the sound, to point you straight
As if there was a guide to take you there
What is it that you’re searching for
Well if there was a guide, would you follow it

There is More x2

(There is repeated)
There is More x3

Listen for the sound, to point you straight
Well if there was a guide, would you follow it
Track Name: A Trip
It’s hard to see when,
It’s all within
But you can choose to give in
Or stop it in it’s tracks
I know you’re afraid to be, transparent
You’re not alone
Just let them go
So say that this will, be, the last time that you give in
To these thoughts, inside
That have tried to control, your body your mind and your soul
Just let them go

Just let them, go
Track Name: River Banks
we’ll watch the river
as it draws a line
eyes open
as it wavers along
the edges
rigid for now

we are just people
all alone in this world
searching for
more than we already
have plenty of

and when it ripples
and splashes the grass
how far it can push
these ridges
of what it can hold

we’re just people
who grew up in dark
and told to follow
the lights
or else we’re lost

keep going on
you’re already gone

keep going on
when does all of it stop
Track Name: We Are One
drop my hand
caught me slipping again
over the deepest of ends
over mine

fill my cup
with pieces of
the deepest love
over mine

sun bring me down
to the days that come
embrace us all along

sun bring me down
to the place i know
ive wanted all along

we have so much power when we are one

bring me down

we have so much power when we are one

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